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Friday, June 23, 2017

inspirational supernatural quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo

Below are powerful inspirational supernatural quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo:  
       1,)  Until you are faithful in that little which God has given to you, He will not lift or commit more into your hands.
 2.)  The things deposited in you are to make you live a glorious life but you must take Spiritual responsibility.

 3.)  The Word of God that you take in is what provides you with the strength and stamina for the race of the ministry He has called you for; therefore, you need to study God’s Word.

  4.)  Every man’s worth in life is a function of his contribution to mankind because importance is a product of impact.

   5.) Wherever you go, according to God’s miracle plan, you should be recognized as a sign-carrier and wonder-worker.
  6.)   It is your faith in God, His word and His prophet that determines what the power of God will do.
  7.)   Lack of true knowledge destroys! So, to be free from destruction, knowledge is a must.

   8.)  Instead of desiring ephemeral things, desire and work for the advancement in the things of the kingdom, He will settle the other areas of your life!

   9.)  Every affliction is a force of darkness and Jesus is the light that shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend.

   10.) The deeper your insight to God’s Word; the greater your level of command of the supernatural.
   11.) Our Spiritual growth is determined by our appetite for the Word of God.

   12.)  Listening to testimonies of what God has done for others help you to generate faith and destroy doubts.

   13.)   It is your mentality that determines your reality; therefore, without a new mindset you can’t have a new lifestyle.

   14.)   The clearer your picture of God’s Word, the higher your level of command.

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